VMware Horizon

Advanced virtualization technology that simplifies and streamlines your IT infrastructure 

Improve the accessibility and performance of your desktops and applications

As our need for mobility and work from home solutions increase, desktops are becoming obsolete at a much faster rate and are too costly to replace and maintain for most organizations. Desktop sprawl is also constantly rising even though most data centers and desktop users use less than 15% of their available resources. This means many businesses are suffering from unnecessary complexity, reduced availability, and higher costs. 

synergIT offers desktop virtualization from VMware with shared storage solutions that solve these challenges and put your organization in an ideal position for the future. Our VMware-certified experts will ease you into the virtualization world by analyzing your current desktop and application environment, understanding your business goals, and then providing you with a solution to meet those goals within your budget. 

By virtualizing your IT infrastructure, you’ll quickly enjoy:

Cost savings

Reduce current and future server hardware requirements and operating costs by over 50%

Fast disaster recovery

Automate your data and network recovery process and ensure that it’s executed rapidly and correctly

Streamlined system maintenance

VMware Horizon consolidates your entire desktop environment, which means you’ll have less equipment to manage and more time to focus on growth

Increased mobility

Give your remote staff access to critical business information so they can work from anywhere on any device

Desktop and application virtualization with VMware Horizon allows you to:

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