Cisco Security

Best-in-class, comprehensive protection for your network and data 

Secure your digital assets from cyberthreats

Modern technology is enabling business communication in ways never before imagined. But with the advances come new and potentially devastating threats. The changing landscape of security vulnerabilities, risks, and the measures available to counter such threats are also rapidly changing. As a result, keeping up with the latest developments is becoming increasingly demanding for internal resources.

synergIT’s Cisco Security Team will provide manageable, flexible, and cost-effective Cisco security solutions tailored to meet your specific security needs. Our team understands what it takes to address the problems of rapidly changing security risks. Our highly trained and helpful engineers can implement your solution quickly and with minimal network interruption. 

Why choose Cisco Security solutions from synergIT?

Cost savings

Software maintenance and licensing will be handled by synergIT

Peace of mind

Every aspect of your IT infrastructure will be monitored around the clock

Comprehensive protection

We’ll set up cutting-edge tools like firewalls, content filtering, email protection and encryption, and more

Maximum uptime

Cyberattacks of all kinds will be detected and eliminated before they disrupt your business

synergIT’s comprehensive Cisco Security services include:

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