Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange

A reliable email solution for swift, convenient communication with your colleagues and clients 

Take control of your critical business information

The exchange of information is constant in today’s fast-paced business environment, so you need to ensure your critical data isn’t falling into the wrong hands. With Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange from synergIT, you can easily control your company data with email and access solutions that are designed to protect your business information.
Active Directory and Exchange isn’t just a professional email solution, it also protects your sensitive information via superior anti-malware software, spam filtering, and data loss prevention capabilities. By hosting your emails on Microsoft’s servers, you’ll easily manage and organize your messages with the help of a functional admin center and approved mobile device access.

Benefits of our Active Directory and Exchange solutions include:

Simplified management and security

With tools to manage corporate identities, data protection, and application settings

Centralized IT

Easily manage your users, computers, printers, applications and more from one secure location

Access control

Protect your files with configurations for file viewing, printing, editing, and forwarding rights

Seamless email integration

Active Directory and Exchange works seamlessly with all your devices and web browsers

Modern businesses choose Active Directory and Exchange solutions for many reasons, including:

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