Cisco Traditional and Meraki Wireless Solutions

Fast, high-availability internet connection with zero data caps 

Improve customer and user experiences with advanced wireless technology

The demand for fast, reliable internet has increased exponentially over the years. Government agencies, hospitals, educational institutions, logistics companies, and manufacturing firms all need to provide speedy internet connectivity for smartphones, Internet of Things devices, laptops, and other mobile devices. 

synergIT partners with Cisco, a leader in advanced networking and security equipment, to deliver powerful wireless network solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We specialize in deploying, configuring, and optimizing both Cisco traditional controller-based and Meraki Wireless products, as well as providing round-the-clock support to ensure everything works seamlessly.

Benefits of Cisco Meraki Wireless solution include:

Reliable connectivity

Meraki Wireless provides high performance, even in high-density environments

Simple management

Cisco’s wireless solutions are easy to manage and secure at scale

Rich analytics

Get valuable insights to deliver better customer experiences

Cisco Traditional and Meraki Wireless from synergIT provides:

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