IT Strategy & Assessment

World-class guidance to ensure your IT always gives you a strategic edge 

Transforming your IT for long-term success in the digital era

Are you investing a lot of time and money in IT, but not getting the results you want? Do you need to implement new technology to remain agile, competitive, and secure, but not sure where to start? Problems like these are increasingly common as evolving business needs and IT grow misaligned. Without expert support, you could continually waste resources, suffer data breaches, limit productivity, and get outpaced by your competitors. 

For over 40 years, synergIT has been solving these and many other challenges for businesses of all sizes and industries. We conduct in-depth assessments of not just your IT, but how it’s managed, how it impacts your operations, how you leverage it, and more, all in the context of your unique needs and goals. This allows us to deliver only the most effective solutions and services that help you achieve your strategic objectives, stay competitive, and enjoy maximum return on your IT.

The synergIT Advantage

Future proof operations

Your IT will always support your changing needs and goals

Ongoing savings

Reduce operational expenses and manage assets more cost-effectively

Greater innovation

Create new ideas and execute them with more technology capabilities and resources

Smarter decision-making

Actionable insights and data on all things IT

Peace of mind

On-demand expertise and advice when you need it

Increased productivity

Faster, more reliable IT service delivery

A more strategic approach to improving your business performance


A complete picture of all your IT assets, spending, performance, user experiences, and more


A comprehensive analysis and coding of the discovery results to identify gaps between your current and target states


Tailored plans and recommendations for the solution and technologies that empower you to exceed your goals

Implementation planning

A detailed roadmap with your approved solutions, timelines, estimated costs, and more, leading you to success

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