Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing Services

A feature-rich platform for productivity, software integration, and data analytics designed to help your business grow

The most customizable cloud computing solution on the market

Microsoft Azure is a suite of cloud services that allows you to build, manage, and deploy a myriad of applications on a massive, global network using Microsoft’s robust tools and frameworks. With enterprise-grade efficiency and security at SMB-friendly prices, Azure is trusted by both Fortune 500 companies and small and medium enterprises across multiple industries.
As a certified Microsoft Azure cloud services partner, synergIT will help you leverage Azure to its fullest. We’ll implement, monitor, and manage the platform for maximum uptime and reliability. You’ll gain access to best-in-class data analytics, AI, IoT applications, and more.

Benefits of a Microsoft Azure subscription from synergIT:

Reduced costs

Only pay for what you need and change your subscription at any time

Seamless integration

Get customizable integrations for CRM, digital marketing, and eCommerce

Enhanced security

Azure has built-in intelligent security services and threat protection

Maximum data availability

Keep your data safe and eliminate downtime with robust backup and archiving functions

With Microsoft Azure, you can:

  • Build cloud-based applications or modernize existing applications with fully managed databases
  • Find new insights by collecting untapped data from connected devices
  • Make faster, more efficient decisions by drawing deeper insights from your analytics
  • Create apps at scale and bring them to market faster
  • Minimize disruption to your business with comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions
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