urCloud 3D® - Optimized solution for A/E/C companies of any size

Next-gen, hassle-free virtual desktops, hosted and maintained in your datacenter

Mobility, efficiency, and cost savings that make a difference

Virtualization provides huge cost savings while increasing flexibility and mobility for workers, keeping them connected with their teams and project data. Traditionally, A/E/C (architecture, engineering, and construction) firms have not been able to leverage these benefits due to the graphical nature of their core applications, such as Revit and AutoCAD, and the extremely large data. VPN and file replication technologies just don’t work for complex projects — until now.
urCloud® 3D is an on premises-based solution that provides everything you need to enable true collaboration and flexibility. A urCloud® 3D appliance will be installed on your office network providing 20 high-end graphics workstations that can be accessed securely from any location on any device. This hybrid cloud solution perfectly blends industry leading technologies with synergIT’s 35+ years of A/E/C experience. Our experts will also optimize the virtual desktops for your environment, and monitor, manage, and support (hardware and software) your urCloud® 3D solution.

A/E/C firms throughout the tri-state area choose synergIT because we deliver:

Improved efficiency

Work and collaborate even on your graphic applications from anywhere

Cost savings

No upfront fees and reduced hardware costs, even as you scale


Easily expand your users and computing resources

Peace of mind

Our fully managed solution means your desktops will always be available

The features of urCloud 3D® include:

Does urCloud® 3D sound too good to be true? Try it for free!

Qualified clients can take the urCloud® 3D Test Drive — just get in touch
  • urCloud® 3D Appliance – Simply connect to your network from anywhere, and enjoy seamless collaboration as if you're all sitting in the same office. The urCloud® 3D Appliance is a great way to get started and can be expanded into a high-availability cluster when you’re ready. Our appliance solution can be shipped to you and synergIT can configure remotely so it doesn’t matter where your main office is located.
  • urCloud® 3D High-Availability Cluster – You can’t afford to be down. urCloud® 3D can be configured as a High-Availability Cluster with NO central point of failure. This solution includes lightning-fast hybrid storage from the industry leader, Nimble Storage, that can be configured with enough capacity to consolidate your entire IT environment into a High-Availability Cluster.
  • urCloud® 3D Remote Backup & Disaster Recovery – A key to urCloud® 3D's blazing graphics performance is special graphics technology from NVIDIA. Most disaster recovery (DR) solutions are not equipped to handle environments with special graphics needs, but synergIT has you covered. We maintain the appropriate urCloud® 3D technology in our data center just in case you need us and have DR options with recovery time objectives (RTOs) to meet your needs and your budget.
  • Leading technologies – Cisco, VMware, NVIDIA, HP, and Microsoft
  • Flexible buying options – purchase outright or subscribe for as low as $2,900/month (with a three-year contract)
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