Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery and High Availability - Pittsburgh, Washington, Butler, Greensburg, Wheeling

Disaster Recovery and High Availability
Whether trying to figure out how to start your business continuance plan, designing a strategy for a new alternate site, or testing network redundancy for a multi-site organization, synergIT can assist you in developing and implementing an all-inclusive disaster recovery and high availability strategy. This strategy may include leveraging synergIT’s urCloud® DR services for cost effective alternate site recovery.


In Information Technology, we all know that we need to have a Business Continuance - Disaster Recovery Plan that will provide the coverage required by regulations and the expectations of the organization. However, creating, maintaining, and testing a Disaster Recovery Plan is a difficult task at best because it may be:

  • Difficult to get started and keep on track
  • Challenging to process "too much" information
  • Hard to organize
  • Time-consuming
  • Frustrating, confusing, or boring
  • Expensive or not properly budgeted
  • Hard to maintain


At synergIT, we assist clients in the Disaster Recovery (DR) planning and implementation processes and help mitigate ALL of these issues. Our approach has been tested in many industries and our results-driven plans have been put into action with successful outcomes.

  • We approach DR planning as a project, providing project management and technical consultation in areas such as telecommunications, virtualization, and storage management.
  • Planning is performed by a Project Team consisting of your chosen representatives and synergIT.
  • synergIT will provide the "cookbook" or methodology of how to proceed step-by-step.
  • Your time is minimized since synergIT creates the project plan and documents all team decisions, work products, and reports.
  • What-if scenarios are objectively discussed and analyzed, ensuring that all options are considered.
  • synergIT shares best practice DR templates to expedite the process.
  • Current operations are often improved during the analysis process with little or no cost.
  • synergIT assists in deploying and testing the DR plan and turns over final documentation to you.

Plan For Your Operations Continuity

Best Practices today require that organizations have the necessary availability and recoverability of their critical information in case the unforeseen happens.

Benefits of Disaster Recover Planning with synergIT

  • Satisfy your audit and regulation requirements
  • Gain a well defined plan for failovers and recovering in a disaster
  • Design an alternate site to satisfy your outage time objectives
  • Engage an experienced Project Manager with Best Practice methodologies
  • Minimize your staff's time involvement
  • Take advantage of the best technology techniques such as virtualization