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Cloud Services

Companies everywhere are discovering the business and financial benefits of Cloud Computing. Rather than spending the time and money to service and upkeep applications on every desktop, they rely on "clouds" on Internet servers to house their applications, supply network capabilities and store files. But what happens if your Internet goes down? Your business, support and security goes down, too. That's where we come in.

With urCloud®, you'll be able to:

  • Gain control - while we take care of all your IT, you can focus on running your business
  • Save time and money - with no upfront costs or capital expenditures, and a flat monthly service rate
  • Increase productivity - sharing information becomes faster and easier, including remote collaboration capabilities
  • Relax - with offsite backup that will have you back to business in a flash should a disaster occur
  • Discover a new way to do business - capitalize on more opportunities with advanced IT

urCloud® from synergIT gives you the power to collaborate using the Internet and intranet in your office to make doing business more efficient. Cloud computing solutions allow you and your employees to share, edit, and publish documents in a unified system, improve communication and e-mail, increase marketing abilities, and enhance your every day business processes.

Because these services are the perfect blend of private cloud and public cloud technologies, key components are placed at your location and managed by the experts at synergIT, you'll never have to worry about the management and maintenance of equipment that keeps your systems running smoothly - so you can focus on running your business.

urCloud® can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you are looking to reach new markets, increase efficiency and organization, or leverage your technology investments, urCloud® from synergIT is the solution you've been looking for.

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urCloud® Services available separately to enhance existing networks:

urCloud® AntiSpam with Email Continuity

Eliminate 99.9% of inbound Spam without purchasing or installing any hardware or software. This hosted solution scrubs your email for Spam and viruses and delivers only the good email to your server. While there is no need for fine tuning, each user has a web-based dashboard to manage individual white and black lists and review quarantined emails. Best of all, this service prevents email loss due to outages by automatically queuing inbound emails for up to 48 hours when your Internet or email server is down.

urCloud® Remote Backup & Disaster Recovery

Off-site backups are critical in protecting your data from a catastrophe. urCloud® Remote Backup & Disaster Recovery (DR) provides the daily backup of your servers to an off-site facility securely over your Internet connection (your Internet connection must be adequately sized). urCloud® Remote Backup & DR technology leverages Virtual Server and De-duplication technology to send off-site full bootable server images to a synergIT facility.

Although actual recovery time is based on the size of your urCloud® environment, smaller clients can recover as quickly as 4 hours after declaring a disaster. Once recovered, synergIT will have your urCloud® IT environment running in our Data Center and available to your users via an Internet connection. DR solutions this comprehensive have been out of reach for the average small or medium business until now. The urCloud® Remote Backup & DR ensures that we are ready and waiting in case you need us.

urCloud® nimble Disaster Recovery

Clients with mission critical systems that require near instantaneous recovery choose our urCloud® nimble DR service. urCloud® nimble DR leverages industry leading SAN-to-SAN replication technology from nimblestorage. This service provides all of the features of our standard urCloud® DR solution with the benefits of a fully hydrated SAN solution at a surprisingly affordable price.

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