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As our company has grown and design technology has advanced, we were facing a new challenge: How could our team easily collaborate on a project while working from different offices? We initially focused on moving project data between offices, but it was never successful because the projects were too ...Read More

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Remote Project Collaboration for the AEC Industry



Virtualization has provided incredible cost savings to organizations by consolidating and simplifying IT while providing flexibility and mobility for workers who need to be totally connected with their teams and project data. Traditionally, AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) organizations have not been able to take advantage of these technological advances due to the graphically intensive nature of their core applications, such as Revit and AutoCAD, and the extremely large size of project data. VPN and file replication technologies just don’t work for complex projects. Finally, there is a cost-effective solution for small and large AEC firms that makes remote project collaboration a reality.

Welcome to urCloud® 3D

urCloud® 3D is a premise-based solution that provides everything you need to enable true collaboration and transparent access to all project data from any location. The solution can be purchased, or provided subscription-based for as low as $2,900/month (with a 3yr contract) a urCloud® 3D appliance will be installed on your office network providing 20 high-end graphics workstations (each with 4 CPUs,16Gb memory & NVIDIA hardware accelerated graphics, and can easily be expanded for additional workstations) that can be accessed securely from anywhere and on any device (home PC/Mac, tablet, smartphone, etc.). urCloud® 3D is hybrid-cloud solution that is the perfect blend of industry leading technologies from Cisco, VMware, NVIDIA, HP and Microsoft, combined with synergIT’s over 35 years of experience in the AEC industry. synergIT’s experts will optimize the virtual desktops for your environment, monitor, manage and support (hardware and software) your urCloud® 3D solution for the length of your subscription with no upfront fees.

urCloud® 3D Options:

urCloud® 3D Appliance – Simply connect to your existing IT infrastructure and you’re quickly virtually working as if you’re all sitting in the same office, but you’re actually working from anywhere. The urCloud® 3D Appliance is a great way to get started and can be expanded into a high availability cluster when you’re ready. Our appliance solution can be shipped to you and synergIT can configure remotely so it doesn’t matter where your main office is located.

urCloud® 3D High Availability Cluster – You can’t afford to be down? urCloud® 3D can be configured as a High Availability Cluster with NO central point of failure. This solution includes “lightning fast” hybrid storage from the industry leader, nimblestorage, that can be configured with enough capacity to consolidate your entire IT environment into a High Availability Cluster.

urCloud® 3D Remote Backup & Disaster Recovery – A key to urCloud® 3D's blazing graphics performance is special graphics technology from NVIDIA. Most Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions are not equipped to handle environments with special graphics needs. Fortunately, synergIT has you covered. We maintain the appropriate urCloud® 3D technology in our datacenter just in case you need us and have DR options with Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) to meet your needs and your budget.

Does urCloud® 3D sound too good to be true? Try urCloud® 3D for yourself. Qualified clients can take the urCloud® 3D Test Drive by contacting their synergIT account representative or