IP Telephony

IP Telephony & Advanced Communications - Pittsburgh, Washington, Butler, Greensburg, Wheeling

IP Telephony and Advanced Communications
By utilizing your existing network, synergIT’s IP Telephony and Advanced Communications enables your business to achieve improved efficiency, greater productivity, increased functionality, and a rapid return on investment – all achieved by implementing and managing a single, unified voice, video, and data network.

Leader in IP Telephony

Enabled by Cisco Unified Communications and Microsoft Unified Messaging, synergIT's IP Telephony and Advanced Communications provides high quality voice functions and advanced data capabilities. synergIT leverages industry-leading technology from Cisco Systems to cost effectively make your phone system an integrated part of your growing business. Additionally, synergIT seamlessly integrates your new phone system into virtually any email platform, allowing users to access voicemail from any location at any time.

Achieve proven ROI, reduce costs and gain efficiencies

synergIT's IP Telephony and Advanced Communications provides businesses with improved communication capabilities and delivers a rapid return on your investment - sometimes within a few months of implementation. By replacing your outdated voice systems, your organization will be able to reduce the high costs associated with managing employee moves/changes and maintaining your old Centrex- or PBX-based system. Keeping pace with an ever-growing mobile workforce will no longer be a challenge, but now a competitive advantage.

Advanced Communications

synergIT will also take your organization beyond traditional IP Telephony systems, ensuring that you always stay ahead of the growing needs of your business. By implementing advanced QoS (Quality of Service) capabilities, your network will be able to expand across multiple branch locations and accommodate all your voice, video, and data needs without compromising performance or network reliability. Additionally, advanced technologies such as teleconferencing, telepresence, internet faxing, and unified messaging will integrate nicely into your new voice and data network.

Unified Messaging

Consolidated email, voice, and fax messages all within a single inbox. With unified messaging, employees can access messages at any time by phone, desktop PC, PDA, or Web.


  • Proven rapid return on investment
  • Reduce equipment and maintenance costs
  • Improve management efficiencies
  • Keep pace with an ever-changing and demanding mobile workforce
  • Seamlessly integrate technologies such as teleconferencing, internet faxing and unified messaging
  • Manage email, voice and fax messages all within a single inbox - increasing user productivity.